Rising Moon Stitch Workshop | ADVANCED | The Crochet Crowd

Rising Moon Stitch Workshop | ADVANCED | The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Rising Moon Blanket is experienced level. It has a unique stitch definition that requires a high level of skill to accomplish. I feel anyone that can do this stitch is considered an advanced crocheter.

As an experienced crocheter, I wanted to teach this online but I feel my mom needs to be at the table to help me break this into pieces that make it easier with memory hooks and tips.

Free pattern

0:00 Start
0:05 Introduction
2:19 Workshop Notes
3:18 Beginning Chain
6:13 Row 1 Crochet Diagram
6:45 Row 1
15:27 Row 2 Crochet Diagram
17:17 Row 2
33:18 Row 3 Crochet Diagram
34:11 Row 3
40:13 Row 4 Crochet Diagram
41:05 Row 4
51:43 Row 5 Crochet Diagram
52:12 Row 5
56:28 Row 6

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Right Handed Tutorial is
Left-Handed Tutorial is

This video is closed-captioned for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. The captioning is also available in multiple languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. The written pattern is only available in English.

Project Size: 49″ x 60″
Stitch Multiple is 19 chs + 3.
Hook Size on Pattern: 6.5 mm / K/10.5
Yarn In Pattern: Bernat Velvet
For Teaching Purposes: I am showing 8 mm / L Hook with Bernat Softee Chunky
Please use the pattern for specific details on yarn quantities, gauge and other details not listed here.

September 22, 2021
This pattern may have been updated since the creation of this tutorial and information or presentation of the printable PDF may have been changed without notice.

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Tutorialescrochet.com – Tutoriales para crochet de todo tipo !

Rising Moon Stitch Workshop | ADVANCED | The Crochet Crowd

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